Welcome to Home Octave!
We are passionate about our home and love sharing everything needed about it!

Think about the last time you googled something about your home.
Apart from the “Best Washing Machines” or “Top 10 induction stoves”, there is very little to no useful information for us Indians.

This sheer lack of great information prompted us to start this website, to start sharing what we love about our home and give you tips and tricks to make your living space into a comfortable home.

We believe there are eight aspects of your home that need improvement, modification or just the occasional update.
We call them Octaves!

1. Technology

Let’s face it! Your home is not what it was 5 years ago.
You went from a few gadgets at home, that was shared by everyone, to so many gadgets that you don’t even know how many your house has!
(Try counting just for fun! I’m sure you can’t remember all of them!) 

The lack of good content on the internet to manage the technology in your home, especially for India, is quite surprising!

Say you’re looking for a tutorial about how to connect Alexa to your home security system.
It’s probably after you looked at 10 videos, you realize that it’s meant only for America, and you are left wondering why it’s so hard to do something so simple!

We’ve been in your shoes too!
That’s why our curated content for the Indian homes answers all questions for home tech – from the best Wi-Fi enabled smart Washing Machines, to how you can save a few hundred bucks on that electricity bill every month.

2. Décor

Are you a minimalist?
If you are, you might think home décor isn’t for you right? Wrong.

Home décor is for everyone – the stay at home mom who loves the classic paintings on the wall, to the young adult who wants simple but useful décor that doesn’t clutter.

Our Indian inspired ideas are for all Indian homes, of all sizes and cultures.
We try and find the best, modern, clean and affordable options – that can impress your guests, and inspire your creativity!

3. Furniture

Without furniture, a home is not called a home – it’s just a closed space.

Can’t decide if you should get that shoebox to keep outside your apartment, or if you must pick one type of ergonomic chair over another for your Work From Home setup? We’ve got you covered.

Constructing your home from scratch? Great!
We also have recommendations from the cheapest wooden flooring, to the most premium jacuzzi, so you can enjoy those winter Sundays.

4. Home Improvement

Home Improvement is any product or service that increases your home’s usability, efficiency and ease of living.

It could be that change to your living space, or altering your front yard to include a garden.

Likewise, you want to drill a hole through laminated plywood, or change your curtain rods to something more modern, where do you find the answers to these questions?

With so little information available online for us Indians, our goal is to answer every question possible.

5. Kitchen

This is where the magic happens!
Cooking great food is not just about the perfect organic ingredients, but also the sharpest knife and the induction stove compatible vessels.

Wondering if you there are secrets to cleaning your chimney within 10 minutes, or a guide to composting kitchen waste in your apartment, we wise to answer all those questions, and much more.

6. Outdoors and Garden

Gardening is a stress buster and a way to have fresh vegetables whenever you need them.
You may have a few pots in your apartment, a terrace garden, or have a massive outdoor garden with green grass and fresh coriander.

There are tips for increasing your yield by choosing the right soil to conserve water while watering your plants.

We’ll help you grow that perfect garden you’ve always dreamed of, however big or small it may be.

For those of you who don’t live in apartments, outdoors are as important as indoors.

You may want a small fountain or a swing in your garden.
Can’t figure out the perfect way to install the security camera?

We’re here to help.

7. Appliances

Home Appliances are constantly evolving, from the new Smart Wi-Fi enables washing machines to air conditioners you can control from outside your home.
These are surprisingly affordable, and yet not well known.

We try our best to ensure the appliances we recommend are of varied budgets and features so that you can choose the right one for your home.

8. Sustainability

A big factor overlooked by us all is making our homes sustainable.

The goal to reduce, reuse and recycle is crucial in today’s world.

From recycling that old mattress to finding the right solar panels to install at home, we help you, help everyone save the planet.

In conclusion, through these 8 aspects of your home, we hope to provide great value in our content curated for us Indians.